About Holy Moments

Thank you for visiting Holy Moments® Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry.  Holy Moments® is a small online company and Etsy Star Seller with a passion for spreading gorgeous antique replica religious pieces that help people draw closer to their faith and be a constant reminder of their faith.  The artisan jewelry and rosaries are unique to Holy Moments®.

New antique replicas of rare, collectible medals from my personal collection are coming soon! There is so much beauty and art in these antiques that is missing from today's cookie-cutter, mass-produced pieces. It brings me so much joy to be able to offer these gorgeous pieces of art that promote faith and unity. All profits are reinvested into custom casting additional antique pieces from my collection.

All Holy Moments® pieces are carefully packaged in gift boxes. If you would like to purchase a higher quantity than showing as available, please contact me. I have both Etsy and holymoments.com website inventory so I may have more available.

The artisan jewelry and rosaries are handmade and unique to Holy Moments®. Many pieces feature gorgeous antique replica medals. Religious antique replicas are not just replicas of old medals, crosses and crucifixes. They are physical symbols of decades of trust, faith, and hope. I feel blessed to offer them to a renewed generation of faithful believers who will keep the blessings and faith alive. Many wonderful pieces have disappeared into private collections, but these are duplicated and made available using the lost wax method and an antiquing finishing process that oftentimes makes them more beautiful than the originals. Antique replica medals do differ from today's technology mass-produced pieces in that they may not be as crisp or perfect. Antique replicas may have a bit of wear, but are often more detailed or artist designed in appearance.

A note about hallmarks or content marks on these medals...in general, stamps such as "925" are really "on your honor". Anyone can stamp 925 on their product. The best way to confirm metal content is to test the metal. All of these medals are identical replicas of the antique original which means that they have the same marks (stamps) as the original. However, these antique originals have been cast in sterling silver, bronze and gold bronze versions. An antique replica sterling silver medal may not have a "925" or "sterling" stamp, but will still test as solid .925 sterling silver. Likewise, a bronze medal may have a 10K stamp because the original antique was gold!

I love making something special for you! If you would prefer a different chain, a different gemstone, a left-handed lobster clasp, or anything custom, please message me. Holy Moments® is a love and a ministry so I do not charge a custom fee. All profits are reinvested into casting additional antique pieces from my personal collection after a donation to the Cancer Research Institute.

Holy moments to you!

Suzanne // founder & designer // Holy Moments® Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry