Walnut ByRon Palm Cross with Face of Christ Medallion Large Rosary, with Bronze Antique Replica Beads & Red Cherry Creek Jasper Gemstones

Walnut ByRon Palm Cross with Face of Christ Medallion Large Rosary, with Bronze Antique Replica Beads & Red Cherry Creek Jasper Gemstones
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Absolutely gorgeous artistically hand-carved ByRon PalmCross, bronze antique replica accents and faceted Red Cherry Creek Jasper Gemstone rosary. At the center of the cross is a bronze medallion with the Face of our Crucified Christ. The palm cross is attached to the rosary by a 2mm leather cord and is perfect sized to hold in the palm of your hand and find comfort.

I have designed these larger rosaries for personal prayer or small group prayer. What a beautiful rosary for a couple or a parent and child to share! I also imagine a beautiful prayer experience with a bedridden loved one holding the cross for comfort while someone else prays on the rosary beads.

I have my own similar rosary laying on the living room side table as a piece of religious art and an easy place to keep my rosary close at hand. This rosary could also be displayed on a bed post or decorative hook to have close at hand.

The 12mm faceted Red Cherry Creek Jasper gemstones have so much beauty with the neutral mix of warm colors. The Our Father beads are wooden balls set off by antique replica bronze bead caps and spacers. The bronze accents throughout the rosary beautifully carry the bronze in the Face of Christ medallion.

The cross is sold by permission and a copyrighted ByRon PalmCross original. They are hand-carved from American Black Walnut and each one is one-of-a-kind. The front and back surfaces are slightly curved to fit into the "palm" of the hand. No varnish or lacquer is applied, so the oils from the hands holding the PalmCross become the finish. Every cross is numbered on the back with the year of copyright (1997), the year it was carved, and the number carved of that style (Face of Christ). These are amazing crosses and "the Cadillac of" palm or comfort crosses!

The "Behold the Man" Face of Christ Medallion symbolizes the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who assumed human nature and became Man in order to accomplish our Salvation. Dying He destroyed our death, rising He restored our life.

The palm cross is 5 inches high, 4 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. The rosary laid flat at the longest point is 27 inches.

These fine antique replicas are cast in solid bronze using the lost wax method and produced in the U.S.A.

This comes in a quality gift box.

An original Holy Moments Artisan Piece.

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