Antique Gold Plated St Gerard Majella Medal Pendant Necklace, French artist Charl, Antique Replica, Saint of Expectant Mothers, of Fertility

Antique Gold Plated St Gerard Majella Medal Pendant Necklace, French artist Charl, Antique Replica, Saint of Expectant Mothers, of Fertility
Only 7 available
Medal Only or Medal on Chain (Adj is 17-19")
Prayer Insert

This is a beautiful antique gold plated, antique replica, of a rare French St. Gerard Majella medal signed by artist C Charl. I am blessed to have this mint condition original in my collection and be able to share it with you at a reasonable price. The C Charl signature is to the right of St Gerard. The signature is faint because of the gold plating process.

There is an option of the "Prayer for Expectant Mothers" or the "Prayer for Fertility" box insert (or no prayer).

The medal is between 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch diameter. The antique gold plated paperclip chain necklace is either a fixed 16 inch length, or an adjustable length from 17 to 19 inches long. Please message me if you would prefer a longer length chain (in a different style).

This replica is solid pewter plated with a gorgeous 12K gold, and then antiqued. This pendant is a non-maintenance very high quality plating, but is best protected from chemicals and water. The pewter is lead and cadmium free. No polishing or maintenance needed! These 12K gold plated pieces are a different casting process than my solid gold bronze pieces which require polishing. This pendant never needs polishing, but is plated. Made in the U.S.A.

Saint Gerard is the patron saint of unborn children, childbirth, expectant mothers and fertility. I can personally attest to the intercession of St. Gerard with the pregnancy of my first child. I was dialated 2 centimeters, hospitalized and expected to deliver at 30 weeks. My mother-in-law gave me a stuffed bear with a St. Gerard medal attached and his prayer card. We all prayed for St. Gerard's intercession. Doctors could not explain how my cervix closed back up and I delivered my son at 38 weeks.

This is a Holy Moments® Original piece.

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by Meagan on Jan 21, 2023
by Alyssa on Nov 30, 2022

Great quality, super cute, with such amazing symbolism. I wear it every day, shower with it- and it’s held up great.

by Courtney on Jan 02, 2023

Beautiful. Very happy with the purchase for my sister.

by Lisa on Aug 26, 2022

Everything I wanted! Beautifully packaged! I will definitely buy more from this shop!