Gold St Gerard Majella Medal, Necklace, French artist Penin, Antique Replica, Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers, Patron Saint of Fertility

Gold St Gerard Majella Medal, Necklace, French artist Penin, Antique Replica, Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers, Patron Saint of Fertility
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Medal Only or Medal on Necklace
Prayer Insert

This is a rare and beautiful St. Gerard Majella antique replica medal from France that reverses to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This is a solid gold bronze piece that appears shiny gold. I am blessed to have this original in my collection and be able to share it with you.

This medal is signed by French artist Penin. Penin is spelled backwards on the St. Gerard side of the medal.

One side says "Saint Gerard Majella Priez PN" (pour nous) which means St. Gerard Majella Pray for Us. The other side says "ND (Notre Dame) du Perpetuel Secours Priez Pour Nous" which means Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pray for Us.

There is an option of the "Prayer for Expectant Mothers" or the "Prayer for Fertility" box insert (or no prayer).

The medal is 5/8 inch. The gold plated cable chain necklace is 18 or 22 inches long, but please contact me if a different length is preferred. The jump rings are gold filled.

This fine replica piece is cast in solid gold bronze using the lost wax method and produced in the U.S.A. Solid gold bronze does require periodic polishing with a cloth (more or less depending on things like lotions, chemicals and water), but will stay shiny gold. A polishing cloth is included.

This medal is available in shiny .925 sterling silver, antiqued .925 sterling silver, bronze, antique gold, shiny gold bronze and shiny 1K gold. Please see this link to view options.

Saint Gerard is the patron saint of unborn children, childbirth, expectant mothers and fertility. I can personally attest to the intercession of St. Gerard with the pregnancy of my first child. I was dialated 2 centimeters, hospitalized and expected to deliver at 30 weeks. My mother-in-law gave me a stuffed bear with a St. Gerard medal attached and his prayer card. We all prayed for St. Gerard's intercession. Doctors could not explain how my cervix closed back up and I delivered my son at 38 weeks.

This is a Holy Moments® Original piece.

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by Katie on Dec 19, 2021
by Ande on Dec 20, 2021

Fast turnaround and great quality!

by Melody on Dec 30, 2021
by Sashyjane on Jan 06, 2022

Shipped quickly, looks beautiful and the seller swapped out the chain for a longer one per my request. I’m so happy with my purchase!

by isabelmgies on Jan 22, 2022
by Valerie on Jan 24, 2022

It came as pictured. Thank you!

by Sara on Jan 31, 2022
by Becky on Feb 04, 2022
by meli8615 on Feb 05, 2022

Beautiful necklace!!! I love it!!! Thanks! 💞💞💞💞

by Morgan on Feb 27, 2022
by Abigail on Mar 03, 2022
by Kathleen on Mar 17, 2022

A beautiful piece of jewellery and my daughter absolutely loves it!! She has been having the most horrendous pregnancy but in the last couple of weeks her health has improved and baby is finally growing really well!! 🥰🥰